Enrichment Programs

Before and After School Enrichment Programs

The PTA partners with Flex Academies, a local company that professionally manages after-school programs to provide three 8-week enrichment sessions (fall, winter and spring.)

We are so excited to be offering a full schedule of enrichment activities this fall. The variety of fun classes is sure to excite your children. Preregistration is now open and registration opens Sept. 4th at 11:00 AM. Be sure to secure their spot right away!

Preregistering Can Make Registration Easier!

  • Parents have the option to pre-register online until registration opens.
  • Parents can enter all of their contact information, and even add desired classes to their shopping cart.
  • Preregistering allows parents to complete the most time-consuming parts of the registration process in advance of registration opening, so that, on Sept. 4th at 11:00 AM, they can just log on and pay immediately.

However, spaces in classes ARE NOT confirmed until they have been paid for, and preregistration in no way guarantees that space will still be available when they log on to complete registration. If you choose to preregister, you will still need to submit payment during the registration period, to secure a spot in a class.



If you have questions about PTA-sponsored before and after-school activities presented by Flex Academies, contact Sheryl Raskin.


Does Flex manage all enrichment activities?
Flex manages the majority of the the enrichment activities offered through the RCFPTA. Flex does not work with ‘clubs’ that parents or teachers volunteer to run, so there may be a few activities throughout the year that the PTA will offer that will not be under the Flex umbrella.

In addition, there may be companies that choose to offer classes at RCF on their own (outside of the Flex umbrella). These companies will independently handle their own registration and operational details (such as renting space and communicating with students and parents). Though they may choose to advertise their programs through backpack mail and by having flyers in the front office they will NOT be part of our official enrichment program and will not be marketed or coordinated by the school or PTA.

Why do we partner with Flex Academies?
Providing a safe, secure and fun enrichment program is an important service that the RCF PTA provides our school community. Coordinating a robust program with a variety of valuable options is a lot of work! Flex Academies – with input from the PTA and community – – coordinates with all the participating vendors, reserves rooms, manages the registration process and communicates with registered participants. They also have a paid onsite coordinator whenever enrichment activities are taking place to ensure vendors have arrived, kids get checked in and that kids get to where they need to be.